Our service can accommodate a full range of legal needs, from ad-hoc reviews of a single pressing document to having a full-time lawyer on-site. We can help you design and implement legal and legal tech projects. We also have custom designed programs to take on back-office functions for accounting and lending organizations.

Simplex Venture

Contract review
and Sporadic Support

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Simplex Labs

Development and Management
of Legal and Legal Tech Projects

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Simplex Embedded

Medium to Long term
in-House Councel

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Simplex Enterprise


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Employment Agreements


Purchase Agreements

Master Service Agreements

CA / NDA’s

Supplier Agreements


Terms and Conditions

Virtual Minute Books

Simplex Venture

Contract review
and Sporadic Support

Even if you only have an occasional need for legal support, you need first-class service when the time comes. Our lawyers can provide a technical review, coupled with that all-important dose of market perspective that will help you negotiate effectively.

A few ideas on how we can help

Employment Agreements

Setting clear expectations means having fewer disputes.

Commercial Leases

Protect your rights as a tenant or landlord.

Commercial Disputes

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your position. We can facilitate Alternative Dispute Resolution as a way to deal with a legal problem quickly without going to court. It will save you expenses and maybe even salvage the business relationship.

Loan Documents

Banking and finance is one of our largest practice areas. We know what is market and what isn’t. AND, what can be negotiated and what can’t.

Shareholder Agreements

A well-structured shareholder agreement means thinking ahead about how to run, grow and exit the business. It's so important this be done right.

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Due Diligence

Bulk Layoffs

Multiple Amendments

Self-Serve Procurement Contracts

Simplex Labs

Development and Management
of Legal and Legal Tech Projects

This is where a lot of the fun stuff happens. At Simplex Labs, we combine the talents of our legal team with those of our technology wonks to make law cool. Naturally, there is rigorous legal oversight as we develop solutions to automate legal services. Thankfully we’ve seen the inside of hundreds of companies and their legal function. We’ve analyzed what works and what doesn’t, and apply the lessons learned to our other clients.

A few ideas on how we can help

Automate Routine Processes

A tailor-made workflow that ensures all steps are followed, in the correct order and on time is not only possible, but is easier to build than you think. Our whole firm runs this way.

A.I. Contract Analysis

You might want to search through hundreds of contracts for a certain provision. Or find out how and when your contracts compare to the gold standard. We have the tools and the talent to help you.

Dashboard Legal Teams

Do you know how your legal team is being used? We can show how busy and backlogged it is, the types of matters it is reviewing, how long it is taking and who in the business is sending in the work.

Create Contract Templates

To scale, your legal function needs to be rock solid. We can help you level up your contract templates, using plain-language drafting if desired. And we’ll automate those templates allowing for easy amendments and e-signatures.

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Supply Chain

Merger or Acquisition

Raising Capital

Governance and Compliance


Manage IP / IT

Simplex Embedded

Medium to Long term
in-House Counsel

It’s challenging for a company or a legal department to manage the natural ebbs and flows of legal needs. So we designed our services to scale up or down, in pace with your needs.

You can start at a few hours a month and scale up to a full-time resource if needed. If needs drop, we scale back our support level.

What we can help with

‘Debundle’ your legal work

Look critically at your legal tasks and split them up. Send the general commercial to Simplex at our rates, and the specialized work to external counsel at theirs. Same quality work, but a large reduction in overall expense.

Procurement Centre of Excellence

Take a legal-heavy function like procurement and send it to the experts. Save your internal resources for more strategic initiatives.

Recruiting for key positions

Bring in one of our lawyers to keep things running smoothly. Then take the time to evaluate the recruit.

Parental Leave

Leave your in-house job behind with confidence, and focus on the new member of the family.

Expand your team to cope with a strategic transaction

Turn us loose on a specific project or send us the day-to-day to free up your team.

Hire for the Valleys

If you have a legal team, keep it lean and use us to cover the peaks.

Craft policies that make sense

We will work with your corporate leadership to build pragmatic, easy to understand policies on important issues such as Work From Home, Whistleblowing and Anti-Money Laundering to name a few.

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Asset-based lenders

Foreign operators in Canada

Banks and Credit Unions

Corporate Services

Simplex Enterprise

Back-office Outsourcing

Are you a Canadian or foreign company lending into the Canadian market? We can automate your intake process, and build performance dashboards and an effective registration system for security and collateral. We can also virtually manage subsidiary companies in Canada for annual maintenance and do other corporate tasks.

A few ideas on how we can help

Be your Sherpa in Quebec

Quebec is a large and vibrant market in Canada, but with a unique legal system. Our knowledge of it is deep and we can ensure you avoid the pitfalls and remain compliant.

De-risk self-registrations

Lenders take on plenty of risk. Keep errors at bay by letting Simplex take care of your security and collateral registrations.

Open up the work day

With operations in Eastern and Western time zones, our opening and closing hours are extended

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