Simplex: Thrive Legal

The Modern Law Department has a new mandate in addition to its traditional focus on risk mitigation and cost containment. Its value is now also being assessed against its ability to contribute to the advancement of key organizational strategic objectives.

As the role evolves to also include strategy and guidance on the business challenges of the organization, legal leaders are having to expand their and their team’s skillsets and change their approach to managing their departments. The expanded role of the law department requires an increased understanding of the drivers of the business and collaboration with business leadership, purposeful alignment of the department’s priorities with business objectives, and establishing and measuring performance against metrics. This is occurring in an environment of rapidly changing and increasingly complex business models, regulation, work environments, technology, and the ever-present pressure to reduce costs. At Simplex, we understand the challenges of this ever-expanding role and demand for value.

Our Services

Our Law Department Advisory Services include

Alignment – Aligning the department’s priorities with the strategic goals of the organization

Disruption – Adapting to Change, Transformation & Evolving Business Models

Innovation – Effective Use of Process & Technology

Collaboration – Cross-functional Alignment with Key Leaders

Trusted Advisor – Board and C-Level Strategic Advice

Budget – Internal Resources & External Spend Management

Risk – Supporting Enterprise Risk Management – Data Driven Approach

The Legal Team – Building & Managing Effective Legal Departments

Leadership – Building the Legal Leader and Department Brand

Through our peer-to-peer advisory service, we work with GCs, their teams, and other key leaders in the organization to assess functional needs and present a roadmap for prioritization and improvement. We then help you move from plan to actions.

Why Simplex?

We have an experienced team of former GCs, senior in-house counsel and legal operations experts who have been there and understand the challenges you face managing a Law Department in today’s increasingly complex business environment.

We have the knowledge, resources, experience, and most importantly, the passion, to help you navigate an increasingly complex business environment and provide insights and advisory services to help you streamline, optimize and ultimately increase the value of your legal function. We can also draw on the resources of our affiliate Epiq Global, one of the world’s largest alternative legal service providers.


For further information, please contact Mark Le Blanc