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Shared Services

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With this option, you get access to our pool of lawyers on an on-call basis (virtually). This platform often used by our clients to manage contract drafting/negotiation overflow, but also to give access to our pool of experienced lawyers for coaching and mentoring a more junior team (see below the “watercooler’ free calls).

For a fixed monthly fee, you get:

  • A bank of hours that you can use when you want during our regular business hours
  • Free and unlimited quick calls/water cooler discussions with our team
  • Time is applied against your banked hours when we are actually “working” the file, e.g., we have to deliver something in writing, we have to research the question, or we issue an opinion (not for a high-level discussion or receiving your instructions). Unused hours roll over as long as you maintain this service.
  • While we don’t guarantee that your favorite lawyer would always be available when you need him or her, we do our very best to accommodate the client’s preferences.
  • We favour a team approach. You have one primary contact with a dedicated back-up to support you and a team “billboard” where we capture your preferences, previous opinions, advice we gave you and information you’ve shared with us. That way we remain efficient, save time and make sure you don’t have to repeat yourself when talking to our team!

Plans available:

Plan Hours Monthly Fee
Bronze 6 $1,399
Silver 9 $1,999
Gold 12 $2,599
Ruby 20 $4,299
Diamond 25 $5,299
Platinum 40 $8,399

You can purchase additional hours if you need them by blocks of 5 hours at your current, preferred rate. You can terminate at any time, and you have 90 days to use any remaining banked hours. We provide you a monthly dashboard report-out of your usage so you can scale up, or down as your needs evolve.

This is the best way we’ve found to bring the benefits of in-house counsel to our broadest possible slice of Canadian business.