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Happy Clients

Thanks to some of our great clients for offering these comments!

We have been working with Simplex for many years and we are thoroughly pleased with their services. Whether to supplement our law department when faced with a surge of activity due to an increase in volume or special projects, or to fill in during a lawyer’s maternity leave or while we recruit for a permanent position, our partnership with Simplex has provided a very flexible platform that has enabled us to provide seamless legal coverage across the company. We use Simplex lawyers as an extension of our Law Department. Their lawyers have worked both on-site with us alongside of the other members of the law department and remotely, all to best suit our needs.

Stéphanie Leclaire
Vice President, Legal affairs
Vice-présidente, Affaires juridiques
Resolute Forest Products

Very professional, prompt and straightforward service. When I’m wondering how our project is going, updates are provided promptly. Lynsey’s personality is approachable, friendly and very professional. I am happy that I do not need to spend time as a “go- between” to “translate” lawyer-speak from her to my internal clients. This is very important, as my internal clients would not respond well to a lawyer who is formal, stilted or inaccessible. Simplex’s rates are completely reasonable. In short, I would describe Simplex and Lynsey’s service as excellent value.  I think that I’m receiving high quality legal work at a very reasonable price.  I would recommend Simplex.

Tricia Waddell, BA, MBA, JD
General Counsel
Mount Royal University

Trish has been outstanding and responsive to a variety of issues and legal matters. She has quickly grasped our desired business objectives and has been able to reflect those in her work product. Trish has been dedicated and committed to our business and I respect that she makes sure that the client is happy and that she has fully delivered quality work. I felt the quality was excellent. I did not need to worry about whether the work was being performed correctly or whether something was missed. 5 out of 5 on all.

James A Bunta
Vice President Legal
AMEC Foster Wheeler
Charlotte, North Carolina.

Dedicated Services

Our focus here is to offer placement of our top-quality lawyers to corporations that usually have an existing in-house legal team. We typically get involved when companies are experiencing an acute overload of work or shortage of support. Staff absences or a spike of legal activity in the company can stress the internal team.

We are that team’s safety valve.

We have removed much of the overhead from our business model that allows us to pass these savings to our clients. We offer a simplified rate structure, favouring rates by the day or half day. Fixed bid project quotes are also entertained. There are no additional nuisance charges above contracted rate.

Short-term Mandates for 1-3 Months

$1,800 / day

Long-term Mandates for 3+ Months

$1,600 / day

Based on a 7.5 hour day.

Shared Services

Here we bring the benefits of in-house legal support to companies that either cannot justify a full-time resource or whose team is thinly staffed. Clients have the choice of three tiers of service, tied to the level of activity they anticipate. Subscribers to this service may carry forward unused hours and apply them against future routine needs or project work. All work will be done virtually under this arrangement. These are the same high quality lawyers who work for our large corporate clients.

Bronze Plan


6 Hours of Availability
Unlimited Phone Conversations!

Silver Plan


9 Hours of Availability
Unlimited Phone Conversations!

Gold Plan


12 Hours of Availability
Unlimited Phone Conversations!

*As long as you remain a subscriber, unused hours carry forward to the following month. Certain conditions apply to all of our subscription plans. Contact us or read our subscription agreement for the full details.