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Q&A with Joanne Windh from Microsoft

Joanne Windh is the Senior Paralegal at Microsoft in Toronto. We sat down with her to talk about how one of the largest tech companies invests in its legal department...

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Advice From the Other-side: The legal ops evolution, with Sun Life Financial Legal Operations Director Mimi Bowen

Mimi Bowen is the legal operations officer at Sun Life Financial in Toronto. We caught up with her to discuss the challenge of bringing business skills to in-house legal departments...

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The changing consumer protection landscape in Canada

In May, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) released its Report on Best Practices in Financial Consumer Protection, to update the country’s financial consumer protection framework. We interviewed Senior Legal...

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Building the right relationship with your legal counsel

Natalie McFarlane, Senior Legal Counsel at Simplex Legal, recently shared her views on a changing legal services market and on the challenges facing in-house legal departments. In your role, what...

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