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Cost-effective and flexible legal services – are these words music to your ears?

Tricia Chrzanowski, Associate Managing Partner at Simplex Legal LLP, spoke at the recent Canadian Legal Innovation Forum in Toronto on May 5 on the growth and the evolving role of Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSPs) in the Canadian legal market. The panel discussed how ALSPs are delivering legal expertise through better responsiveness, empowering people, and […]

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Conversations with our clients take unexpected directions

It never fails to impress me how our creative clients takes the use of a product in a direction we never contemplated. Or, even before the design phase, they often speak about a legal frustration that sparks the conversation internally of ‘can we solve this?’ One such example is around legal translation. This is something […]

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Legal Innovation

My partner Martine once said while speaking on legal innovation, that “legal innovation is like sex and teenagers, everyone is talking about it but not much is going on.”  I found this summed up the innovation climate in the legal industry perfectly. It’s an industry that has clung to an artisanal approach to service delivery, […]

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How to Save Money on Legal

No rational person would finance the purchase of their home on a credit card. There are obviously much more tailored and cost-effective financial vehicles out there for that purpose. I’m struck though, that many companies take a similar approach with their legal spend. For good reason, I’ll hasten to add. For the last severalhundred years there […]

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