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Legal Innovation

My partner Martine once said while speaking on legal innovation, that “legal innovation is like sex and teenagers, everyone is talking about it but not much is going on.”  I found this summed up the innovation climate in the legal industry perfectly. It’s an industry that has clung to an artisanal approach to service delivery, […]

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How to Save Money on Legal

No rational person would finance the purchase of their home on a credit card. There are obviously much more tailored and cost-effective financial vehicles out there for that purpose. I’m struck though, that many companies take a similar approach with their legal spend. For good reason, I’ll hasten to add. For the last severalhundred years there […]

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Q&A with Joanne Windh from Microsoft

Joanne Windh is the Senior Paralegal at Microsoft in Toronto. We sat down with her to talk about how one of the largest tech companies invests in its legal department...

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Advice From the Other-side: The legal ops evolution, with Sun Life Financial Legal Operations Director Mimi Bowen

Mimi Bowen is the legal operations officer at Sun Life Financial in Toronto. We caught up with her to discuss the challenge of bringing business skills to in-house legal departments...

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