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Legal Innovation

My partner Martine once said while speaking on legal innovation, that “legal innovation is like sex and teenagers, everyone is talking about it but not much is going on.”  I found this summed up the innovation climate in the legal industry perfectly. It’s an industry that has clung to an artisanal approach to service delivery, […]

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How to Save Money on Legal

No rational person would finance the purchase of their home on a credit card. There are obviously much more tailored and cost-effective financial vehicles out there for that purpose. I’m struck though, that many companies take a similar approach with their legal spend. For good reason, I’ll hasten to add. For the last severalhundred years there […]

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The Value of a Defined Workflow

Client:Large Natural Resource Company Their issues: Multi-jurisdictions. Procurement, purchasers in many different locations. The client’s policy was to have Legal review every contract before signing. Legal became a bottleneck in the workflow. It was most acute in the Procurement function. Staff in the field were dissatisfied with in-house legal processing time. How Simplex Legal helped: […]

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Battle the Administration Dragon

Client:Alberta Oil and Gas Company Their issues: In-house legal team efficiency was compromised due to an acute administrative burden. How Simplex Legal helped: Performed a work study to identify all administrative tasks done in the department. Took each one and scored it based on its need to be completed by a lawyer and relative importance […]

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