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Rachel Kruskowski

Administrative Assistant


Who she is

“I love being on the creative side of the business,” says Rachel Krukowski about her work at Simplex Legal. “And no job is too big. I love working on a lot of different projects at once.

It’s a good thing, too, given Simplex Legal’s inclination to think outside the box and always try new things.

As an administrative assistant, she helps out on everything from supporting the firm’s smooth operation and handling client inquiries to assisting in business development initiatives. Rachel also provides technical and logistical support on a wide range of special projects.

Through it all, it’s Rachel’s quiet strength and take-charge attitude that keeps things organized and running on time.

Away from the office, you’ll likely find Rachel either headed for the neighbouring mountains for a hike, or off fishing the Bow River.

How she got here

Hailing from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Rachel moved west in 2014 to complete her Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society at the University of Calgary. In 2018, she landed a job at Best of Seven Barbers, where she met Simplex Legal co-founders Geoff and Martine. She joined the firm in 2020.


Interview with
Rachel Kruskowski

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