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Patrick Glémaud

Senior Legal Counsel

Common Law

English and French

Who he is

“I’m really an entrepreneur who also happens to be a lawyer,” says Patrick Glémaud. “So I really understand what a business person is going through when they are starting up or running their company, particularly in this era of tech disruption and constant change.”
He’s also an artist and percussionist musician. But it’s his affinity for entrepreneurship, particularly in disruptive sectors, that has made Patrick an artful and resourceful lawyer whose goal is to keep the client’s business moving forward.

Trained as a corporate and commercial lawyer with a focus on information technology, M&A, environmental and regulatory compliance, Patrick considers that an essential part of his job is to help clients keep their eye on the big picture. “I always try to do a risk assessment of the future,” he explains. “At the same time, I provide them with legal solutions to eliminate, reduce or manage these risks so our clients can remain optimistic.”

And that’s the key to Patrick’s success. He has made a point of listening in order to understanding exactly where the client wants to take their business in the long term, before assisting them on realizing their dream. “Every day there are opportunities out there. Luck”, he says, “is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”. As business lawyers, our goal is to ensure that our client’s business is prepared at all time to seize any opportunities.”

How he got here

Patrick is passionate about emerging technology and has a strong interest working with technology companies. After graduating in law from the University of Ottawa, Patrick launched an e-commerce company providing solutions on conflicts between domain names and trademarks. In 2002, he became legal advisor at Environment Canada, developed expertise in trade law and the use of market-based approaches to reducing GHG emissions. He then moved to Natural Resources Canada as senior legal counsel where he led a team of six lawyers advising on energy and mining projects, as well as corporate commercial and IT. He negotiated funding agreements on a $3-billion government energy infrastructure fund. He left the government in 2009, and founded a consultancy practice advising companies on M&A, reverse takeovers, funding and company formation in Canada and the U.S. He counselled several technology start-ups in the Waterloo Region, GTA, Ottawa and Montreal on the legal issues related to AI, blockchain technology, crypto-currency and software development.

Now, as Senior Legal Counsel at Simplex Legal based in Toronto, Patrick brings his tireless energy and skills to help clients grow into resilient businesses.


Interview with
Patrick Glémaud

Please take a moment and provide me with a few examples of activities, hobbies you enjoy participating in.

Jogging, outdoors activities with my extremely active kids, water sports, playing chess, traveling exploring new cultures, playing the congas (Cuban drum), reading the Sunday New York Times.

Tell me about a personal or professional achievement you are proud of:

Being a father. Recipient of the U.S. Department of State International Visitor Leadership Project entitled “Climate Change and Energy Security Policy”. Being a candidate in a Federal Election.

Why did you decide to join us at Simplex?

I love the concept of Simplex and how it is disrupting the legal industry, especially the focus on delivering values and results to clients instead of billable hours. Most of all, Geoff and Martine’s contagious energy, personality and entrepreneurship are what seal the deal for me.

What is it about Simplex's model do you believe is most attractive and beneficial to our clients?

Having a mindset of an entrepreneur in providing legal services by focusing on the end result such as the added value attached to the legal work instead of the billable hours.


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