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Katherine Milkau

Senior Legal Counsel

Common Law

English, Spanish, French

Who she is

“What I love the most about working with entrepreneurs is their passion,” says Katherine Milkau. “Their excitement is simply contagious.”

Her clients say the same of her. Those who have worked with Katherine praise her for her humour and enthusiasm, and for her ability to connect with people and make them feel at ease.

While vision is the energy that provides entrepreneurs and their organizations with the ability to succeed, Katherine takes a practical approach to her role as in-house counsel. A weekend gardener who makes the most of her “tiny” urban vegetable garden, she recognizes that even fast-growing companies have to contend with limited resources, especially when legal spend doesn’t keep up.

Her job, as she sees it, is to focus on helping decision-makers reflect on the broader business circumstances at play, so that they can meaningfully evaluate their real risk exposure. “I have to synthesize complex ideas for my audience, and give them what I think they really need to know to make the best decision,” says Katherine who honed her skills in the automotive, travel and gas industries, advising on M&A transactions, litigation management, and compliance.

“It’s not about me slowing them down,” she says. “It’s about me helping them break down their plan into goals and milestones, so that they can achieve the most important ones as quickly as possible with the least amount of risk.”

How she got here

After graduating in law from the University of Western Ontario, Katherine went into practice as a commercial litigator with a Toronto firm, where she specialized in product liability and risk management, before moving to Spain, assuming a commercial role in an IT services company in the travel industry. Upon her return to Canada, she took up a senior counsel position in a leading industrial gas company. She has dedicated much of her time, through Pro Bono Ontario, helping start-ups build their legal infrastructure. She became Senior Legal Counsel at Simplex Legal in 2018.


Interview with
Katherine Milkau

Please take a moment and provide me with a few examples of activities, hobbies you enjoy participating in.

Travelling, reading, running, films.

Tell me about a personal or professional achievement you are proud of:

Having had the courage to have changed countries, languages
and practice areas.

Why did you decide to join us at Simplex?

Corporate ethos – simply put, Simplex is a unique company built by great people!

What is it about Simplex's model do you believe is most attractive and beneficial to our clients?

Accessibility and flexibility – great lawyers & great people.


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