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Eve-Stéphanie Sauvé

Senior Legal Counsel

Common Law

English and French

Who she is

Eve-Stéphanie Sauvé has a mind for logic and the law. A seasoned lawyer, she also thrives in a dynamic and evolving business environment. Ask her what motivates her, and she’ll speak of her admiration for business leaders and their entrepreneurial spirit.

“It’s the way they look at the market, the way they see an opportunity. Then they’ll explore it and the risks involved. That fascinates me,” she says. “I admire particularly the leaders that make decisions and stand by them even when maybe it was not necessarily the right decision at the time. They know how to empower those that they work with.”

Regardless of the legal problem, Eve-Stéphanie assumes a critical role in crafting legal solutions, tackling each one with discipline and focus, while keeping things simple. She takes the time to clearly communicate complex issues to those who seek her advice. A former competitive ski racer, Eve-Stéphanie also relies on her action-oriented work attitude to keep clients moving towards their goals. Her view is that it’s rare that you cannot fix a problem. And if you can’t, “we’re going to work together so that we can address it properly,” she explains. “My job is to help the client make the best decision at the right time,” she says. “So I bring them the facts and I bring them the law. I’ll also give them a recommendation because that’s what they need, and I empower them with the tools.”

When Eve-Stéphanie isn’t catering to her business and operations clients, she is either likely on the hills of Mont-Gabriel skiing with her three children, reading historical novels, or taking in a music concert.

How she got here

Eve-Stéphanie Sauvé is an experienced business attorney and human resources expert. A law graduate of the Univeristé de Montréal (LL.B.) and Oxford University (B.C.L.), she honed her leadership skills in both national and international companies, as well as in not for profit organizations.

She first went into private with a highly regarded Montreal firm where, as a litigator, she specialized in business, commercial, administrative, regulatory and competition law. Then after a few years at a national “Seven Sisters” firm, Eve-Stéphanie moved in-house to work for the Fonds de Solidarité des Travailleurs, a venture capital investment fund whose mission is to support the development of Quebec companies. That led her to pursue a career as general counsel in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing and media sectors. In those business environments, she proved her ability to meet high stakes organizational goals, as well as governance and risk management issues. In 2014 she served as the VP of Legal Affairs and Human resources at Genome Québec, a not-for-profit organization funded by the federal and provincial governments, operates platforms providing genomic services to the scientific community. Experienced in both Civil Law and Common Law, she says that she was drawn to the flexibility of the Simplex Legal model. “What I really like is that you get embedded with a client, and people are usually so happy to see you arrive with all of this expertise that you’re going to share it with them,” she says. “And you get to work from day one as a team with the legal department and your operational clients, and usually. It’s a lot of fun.”


Interview with
Eve-Stéphanie Sauvé

What do you especially enjoy about in-house counsel?

The people. Working closely with different people of different backgrounds. Being part of a team and developing close working relationship. Getting challenged in a way that you would not in a law firm, because you are ‘part of the team’.

How do you think the Simplex model allows you to make a difference for clients?

Simplex offers high value legal services at a reasonable price. Most companies get into situations where they have a punctual urgent need for legal services (sudden departure of a lawyer, start-up, maternity leave, temporary over flow of work). Simplex offers services where lawyers can literally hit the ground running and help in such crisis situation. We have all been in-house counsel , so we are business oriented and we know what the typical business client expects from an in-house counsel. Finally, we are much less expensive than the ‘big’ law firms –this makes a difference in my mind. I would find it insulting to spend $800 /hour for a contract I could have done myself but for the overwork. At Simplex our hourly rate is closer to the hourly rate of the clients we are assisting and I find this more respectful and realistic budget wise.


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