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Erika Holt

Senior Legal Counsel

Common Law


Who she is

Erika is a true Albertan who was born in Calgary, where she has lived most of her life. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts, with distinction, from the University of Calgary in 1996 and then went on to complete her Bachelor of Laws in 2000 at the University of Victoria.

How she got here

Erika returned to Calgary in 2000 and joined Bennett Jones LLP. Here she spent the majority of her time in the Civil Litigation arena, negotiating settlement agreements, analyzing case law and preparing case files. While she acted in matters concerning Wills and Estates, Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury, she enjoyed most her time dealing with Shareholders Disputes and other Corporate and Commercial contract issues.

In addition to Law, Erika has a passion for writing. After six successful years at Bennett Jones, she moved into freelance writing and editing full time.

Now on the other side of the legal fence, Erika uses the experience she gained managing disputed contracts at Bennett Jones to craft commercial agreements in clean and simple language to avert those very issues for her clients. She has been acting as in-house counsel for Simplex clients (largely in the oil and gas and natural resources industries) since joining us in early 2013.Erika is a member of the Law Society of Alberta.


Interview with
Erika Holt

What do clients tell you about working with Simplex?

Clients I’ve worked with seem to be very happy with our services and have enthusiastically recommended Simplex to their colleagues. When telling our story, the responses I most often receive are: “There are definitely times we could use something like that!” and “What a great idea!”.

Have you always followed a different path?

I would say I’ve chosen a different path than most lawyers. After practicing as a litigator for close to six years at a large, Calgary firm, I left law to pursue my passion for writing and editing. But when the opportunity arose to practice law in a new way with Simplex Legal Services, I jumped at the chance. Not only did it allow me to change my focus from litigation to corporate/commercial work, I now have the time and energy to pursue both of my passions–writing and law. Couple that with the fact that I get to work with great people and fantastic clients, and I couldn’t be happier—I even get outside from time to time.


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