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Ashley McInnis

VP of Marketings and Business Development

Liberal Arts & Marketing


Who she is
Ashley is a graduate of Santa Monica College in Southern California where she was a nationally ranked distance swimmer. She started her career working in the entertainment industry working in marketing and advertising.
When she returned to Canada in 2008 she began her Career in the legal industry working for an agency that provided business development services for law firms. Prior to joining simplex Ashley spent 6 years at one of Canada’s largest law firms.
How she got here

Interview with
Ashley McInnis

How do you think the Simplex model allows you to make a difference for clients?
The Simplex model is focused on using our lawyer’s experience of having been in-house to help clients find efficiencies and streamline the process while doing the various mandates. We are different from lawyers who have only been in private practice as you develop a skill set where you have to see the business as a whole.
While my primary role is business development Simplex utilizes every member on their team’s skill set to serve the client, even the non-lawyers. I am able to add value because I have spent the past 15 years in marketing and business development. I have always been required to have some input or sign-off from the in-house counsel. I am guilty of waiting until the last minute to engage the in-house lawyer and then needed them to turn things around quickly.
I have first-hand experience working on the business side and as added value to clients will work with their business team along with our lawyers to develop processes and streamline nagging issues, as well as lead seminars with their business teams.
What do you think clients would like most about working with you?

I’m not a lawyer, so I have a bit of a different perspective when solving business issues. I can offer a perspective that may not be as obvious to someone focused on the legal issues. Because my role is to support our lawyers and clients everything I contribute to a mandate is added value, you’ll never see consulting fees for me on a bill.


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