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Anna Dell’Api

Senior Legal Counsel

Civil and Common Law

English, French & Italian (conversational)

Who she is

When adversity strikes, it’s important to keep calm under pressure, take a step back and put everything into perspective, says Anna Dell’Api. “Yes, the situation is real, and there will be a sense of urgency,” she says. “But we also need to be level-headed to solve the problem. Part of my job as a lawyer is to get people to understand that now is not the time to panic, and so let’s try to make the best of the situation.”
A seasoned lawyer with years of experience working in private practice and for a financial institution, Anna also brings life to a file. She is not afraid to use a little humour to make people feel comfortable and lighten up a tense atmosphere. At the same time, Anna is a firm believer that there are sometimes difficult things that need to be said. “It all depends on how you say it,” she insists.

Anna is also a creative and skilled negotiator who can apply vast experience to drafting contracts, running financial and internal investigations, and dealing with regulators.

A running enthusiast, Anna was born and raised in Florida, before moving to Montreal for to pursue her university studies.

How she got here

Anna Dell’Api is an experienced counsel with a strong focus on the financial sector.

She is a law graduate of the University of Sherbrooke (LL.B.). Anna then started her career in private practice in a Montreal boutique litigation firm, before joining the Laurentian Bank of Canada as Senior Legal Counsel in 2013. There, she managed the Laurentian Bank Financial Group’s litigation, securities, regulatory and compliance matters. She also spearheaded commercial negotiations on behalf of the group’s various business units. After returning to private practice in 2017, she joined Simplex because she was drawn to its unique service-offering. “Coming from a financial institution where I would’ve liked to have more in-house support, it just struck me as a great model. “That kind of in-house support is something that’s really lacking in organizations today.”


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