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Our Story

Simplex Legal changes the way lawyers and their clients interact. We’re a team of seasoned, intelligent and caring legal and business experts who are passionate about helping our clients reach their goals in the most cost effective way. Simplex Legal has created a new model for client/lawyer interactions to reduce client fees.

We started with the pairing of a lawyer and a business guy to build something that would be different in all the right ways—professionalism without pretention, value without compromising skill and simplicity without sacrificing quality. Our principal lawyer ensures the law is practiced by all our lawyers at best-in class levels. Our business guy brings the voice of our clients to the table every day.

We practice in Civil and Common Law
in English and French.

Our Why

In our previous lives, we were frustrated by what we observed both as lawyers and as clients of lawyers. As clients, we could no longer stomach runaway legal bills with disinterested counsel demanding respect based on title rather than performance.

We also saw great lawyers fuming silently at the indentured nature of their work and the realization the only path to promotion was paved with more and more billable hours, often at the detriment of the client.

So we decided to do something different.