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Sarah Wester

Marketing Coordinator

Who she is

Part of our marketing team, Sarah came to Simplex Legal from the print and digital media world and has found her home in the perfect place.

“The challenge for marketers in most industries, especially in legal, is figuring out how to stand out in a saturated market,” says Sarah. “But Simplex has an edge because it’s so tech-forward.”

It’s a good thing, too, because Sarah has a particular aptitude for moving forward and anything to do with growth. In fact, mention the word “growth,” and that’s when her eyes light up. “It’s all about understanding your audience and finding them in their time of need,” she explains.

While Sarah does display a slightly dorky love of modern marketing tools, she has other passions outside of work: mentoring for the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association, traveling the world, and spending time outside with her French bulldog Rosie.

How she got here

An escapee from Guelph, Ontario, Sarah grew up in Alberta and BC, and now calls Calgary home. After graduating from the University of Calgary with a BA in Political Science, she worked her way up to being a business and marketing manager in the magazine industry before moving to the legal sector as a marketing coordinator at Simplex Legal.

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