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Marcy Krafft

Engagement Leader

Who she is

After several years in an executive position at a large financial institution, Marcy Krafft decided the time had come to leave the safety and stability of a steady job to help build fast-growing, tech-first companies.

It was 2014, a period in her life when Marcy was thinking about what she wanted to leave behind. “I’ve always been drawn to companies with bold ideas and that are fearless,” she says. “I was getting calls from people with innovative and exciting ideas. I found out how much I enjoy being part of blowing up business models and helping companies get to a better place.”

Over the past few years, Marcy has perfected her expertise in organizational change, mostly by focusing on the talent and maximizing the potential of people. Ask her clients what she excels at, and they’ll tell you she can quickly read a situation, build teams and develop successful relationships between people. “I try to be the spark for others,” she says. “There are a lot of extremely talented professionals in these businesses. But they don’t always see how they can own a project and put their potential to the best use. I want to shine a spotlight on their talent.”

In her spare time, Marcy, who is a wellness advocate, runs marathons and teaches yoga. She also works with organizations that rescue dogs in the Calgary area.

How she got here

Following her studies as a primate anthropologist, Marcy completed her law degree in 2001 at the University of Alberta. She started her career in law at a private firm before moving in-house, where she developed expertise in commercial real estate and the financial services industry. Over time she would take on greater responsibilities in operations management positions. After a second foray working in private practice, Marcy returned to financial services to help bring to market specialty insurance products. Following that, she launched her consultancy to help accelerate start-ups and small- and medium-sized ventures. In 2020, she joined Simplex Legal to lead the firm’s engagement with clients.

Interview with Marcy Krafft

Why did you decide to join us at Simplex?

I love that Simplex has taken a disruptive approach to delivery of legal services and the team are all fabulous.

What is it about Simplex’s model that you believe is most attractive and beneficial to our clients?

Simplex’s business model is truly client focused – many law firms say they are but Simplex actually is.

Marcy would love to hear from you