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Advisor and Co-Founder


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Geoff Best

Advisor and Co-Founder

Who he is

Geoff is a graduate of the University of British Columbia. He began his career in commercial lending in Nanaimo, B.C. in 1990 with the Business Development Bank of Canada. He was promoted quickly and moved first to Prince George and then to Fort St. John. In 1995, Geoff joined GE Capital in Prince George and was transferred to Alberta in 1998, where he quickly rose to Senior Vice President responsible for the Western Canada Region.

How he got here

Geoff has spent the majority of his career in Commercial Finance. Over a 20-year span, he progressed from Account Manager to Senior Vice President of GE Capital, a multinational corporate and commercial lending enterprise. At the peak of this phase of his career, Geoff ran a seven figure division for this company providing senior debt to all major industries in Western Canada.
The training and experience gleaned during this phase was treasured, but even more invaluable was the unique insight into the brilliance and failing of thousands of companies in all stages of their development.

In 2009, Geoff left the corporate world behind to bring the proven management lessons learned over years into the growth and development of his own companies.

The primary business in this family is Simplex Legal Services.
At Simplex Legal, Geoff and his business partners have designed a legal services business uniquely – with every facet of the business built with the client in mind. Geoff acts as the ‘client in residence’ to bring the spirit of constant improvement, differentiation by conduct and rigorous fiscal controls to a business that is lauded by its clients for those very qualities.

Interview with Geoff Best

Why is working for Simplex easier for clients?

When we were developing the concept, we listed as many things about the existing legal service model that irritated us as clients, then systematically eliminated them from our offering. So no nuisance billing, no charge for copies, no buying assistant’s lunches, to name a few.

What do you see as the problem with big law?

The billable hour. When you tie a lawyer’s advancement and compensation to billing as many hours as possible, you (surprise!?) get lawyers billing lots of hours. It always seemed at some level contrary to the client’s wish to have a matter addressed quickly and efficiently.

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