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Amy Anderson


Who she is

“I love to learn,” says Amy Anderson about what drives her. “It motivates and inspires me to develop new ideas and improve how we do things to support the organization’s overall success.”

Always one to embrace innovation and efficiency, Amy is constantly looking for ways to implement best practices and process improvements related to the business of governance and legal services.

She also takes great pride in collaborating with colleagues and clients to set a cohesive flow of information, so that everyone’s priorities are well aligned.

Through it all, Amy takes the view that to effectively implement change, you have to foster an environment where people understand one another. When it comes to sharing best practices, she can put things in perspective and is easygoing. “I always see opportunity in building on other people’s ideas, just as they can build on mine,” she says.

Away from work, Amy uses her time to take in some sun, boating with her family, spending time with friends, or trying her hand at some new recipes.

How she got here

After attending a few years at the University of Lethbridge, Amy pivoted her educational choice to the legal field. She moved to Calgary and attended the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology where she received her legal assistant diploma. After five years working in law firms, she landed a position in the oil & gas sector at Nexen Inc., now CNOOC International, where she worked in the corporate governance department supporting public and subsidiary entity management for over 18 years. She joined Simplex Legal as a paralegal in 2021.

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