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ChatGPT : What’s the fuss? Demystifying Generative AI in Legal | Epiq (

What’s all the buzz around ChatGPT? This new chatbot, powered by an artificial intelligence (AI)-based language model called GPT-3, has caused a lot of waves lately in our industry. Users can ask questions about anything, and the bot will engage in conversational dialogue with very organized and succinct responses that are often indistinguishable from human-generated output.

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Using Metrics to Tell a Story with Data | Epiq (

“Data is the new gold.” This adage is popping up across industries as more organisations recognise the value that lives in business data. When properly harnessing information and tracking metrics that actually matter, true value will emerge. Decisionmakers will be able to visualise where gaps exist and how to close them, where there are collaboration […]

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Welcome to the Third Generation of ALSPs: The Future of Legal Service Delivery | Epiq (

A new breed of Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSPs) is entering the scene. These providers are considered “third generation” because they take the most innovative approach to legal service delivery. On top of having the right people, processes, and technology to meet a variety of needs – third generation ALSPs can also generate legal business […]

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Fireworks Aren’t the Only Explosions This Summer – ALSP Market Growth Is Lighting up New Opportunities for Legal (

It’s that time of year again! Fireworks are lighting up the sky and captivating audiences that gather to see what the display holds. A similar show is happening in the legal industry with the Alternative Legal Service Provider (ALSP) market. This is driven by greater focus on efficiency, desire for general counsel to run legal like a […]

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