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We have infused in-house values into every corner of Simplex Legal. Our processes, our systems and our people are aligned to capture and to apply what makes your company unique—your value proposition in the market, your hot-button service issues, and even corporate risk tolerance. We become as familiar with your organization as an excellent in-house lawyer would be.

To provide the same quality and consistency of service as in-house lawyers do, we:

Hire Well

Only experienced lawyers with lots of in-house experience.


Stick with what we do well, don’t stray from in-house law.

Be Real

Plain language drafting. Legal in the context of the broader business. Advice, not pro’s and con’s.

Collaborate & Share

Be a team within Simplex and within our host companies.


Implement compensation plans that reward the right behaviour.


People want to deal with real people, with people they like.

What We Don’t Do

Simplex Legal does not provide legal advice or services in the areas of Litigation (other than claim management), White Collar, Family or Criminal matters.

Questions? We Have Answers

We’re very fussy about who joins our team. Our lawyers have all benefitted from Big Law training and have experience in areas that align with our client needs. Critically, they have ALL worked extensively in-house as well. We hire with the experience to step in, figure things out and work with minimal supervision. They also appreciate that the role of an in-house lawyer is as much about giving business advice as giving legal advice.

Their individual reasons are as varied as they are but there are some common threads. They have all had successful careers in senior roles. They love the practice of law but all have progressed to the stage of life were they value balance and have the courage to engineer it into their lives.

In the vast majority of cases we find the old billing-by the-hour model to be disadvantageous for our clients. It’s more expensive and less predictable for them. Always trying to place ourselves into our clients’ shoes we have developed an approach which much better fits our clients’ needs. For standard mandates for ‘Dedicated Services’ we target a day rate of $1,800. For long-term engagements like coverage of a parental leave we discount this to $1,600. For ‘Shared Services’ pricing, please see the Shared Services section under ‘How We Work’.

On our longer-term mandates, which we call Dedicated Services, we talk through the requirements of the mandate with you and recommend up to three lawyers we feel would be a cultural fit. Obviously, we work around the availabilities of our talent pool, but so far we’ve always been successful! On the Shared Services platform, the model is predicated on sharing access to the broader pool of Simplex lawyers on a virtual basis.

Then we fix it. We will change the lawyer for you or Martine (our principal) will step in to make it right.

For longer Dedicated Services mandates our lawyers typically provide you a monthly report of the files they have been involved with, days spent on them and disposition of the matters. This is attached to an invoice for your approval and processing. In most cases where mandates are expected to last for several months we set up a direct deposit mechanism to save generating and mailing cheques.

For our subscription service, Shared Services, we set up a monthly pre-approved debit with you.

While this isn’t a common occurrence, we have a provision in our contracts to provide for the cost to replace the talent.

We take great pains to see this happen. Our lawyers have a detailed on-boarding process that all happens before the first billable minute. They study the company website, read annual reports and news releases and get to know its organizational structure. Once they are introduced to your players internally, they question to determine the company’s risk tolerance, core policies, values, hot-button issues and legal department structure.

That’s just a phone call away. We can adjust your plan to increase or decrease the available lawyer time based on your actual usage. If you want to stop the service completely, we stop billing immediately. We only need a couple of days to stop the debit through the bank.

This is a very important process to us. First, we ask all our clients to agree that one of our lawyers could work with a competitor company somewhere in Canada, under very strict conditions that at no time can they see the internal information of another business or ever negotiate with another Simplex lawyer. As all our lawyers work virtually, compartmentalizing information is fairly easy to do.

We couldn’t have asked a better question ourselves! Kidding aside, there are some differentiators that bear discussion. First off, with Simplex you get scale and redundancy. We have had cases where existing clients have had an unexpected departure from their legal team or a spike in workload. They’re very happy we can throw a second or third lawyer at the problem. Conversely, if something happens to take our lawyer offline we can bring in an immediate replacement.

In addition, we have a flexible service model (Dedicated and Shared Services) that can fit with a wide range of business sizes, needs and budgets. We work seamlessly in French and English in Civil and Common Law and bring the best of technology to bear to build simple transparent tools.

Our lawyers have a very clear understanding of their role, which is to make everyone they work with look good! They park their egos at the door and take on whatever needs to be done.

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