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Dedicated Services

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Get the Simplex lawyer(s) of your choice on a dedicated basis and use that person’s services on-demand when you need it and manage your budget accordingly.

With this option:

  • You reserve your lawyer(s) in advance, for one or more full days at a time.
  • Together, we set the schedule in advance, one month at a time, based on your needs. With a bit of notice, we are usually able to be flexible (e.g., add/remove or reschedule days) to adapt to your situation and needs.
  • Our lawyer becomes your dedicated resource and works as an extension of your team.
  • If your chosen lawyer is in your geographic area, he or she could work at your office if you desire. If one of our lawyers from another location suited your needs, we often arrange for him or her to work with you on-site for a few days at the beginning of the contract to get to know the team, and priorities and personality of your company.
  • Our standard Daily Rate is $1,800 (for a regular business day).
  • If the contract extends for three months or more (or if you end up buying more than 25 days), then we will offer you our best discounted Daily Rate of $1,600/day

These mandates are typically negotiated and designed on a case-by-case basis. We will assess your needs and offer you our best recommendation(s) of experienced counsel with the technical skills necessary, but also who would be the best personality fit as well.

Before our lawyer starts, we provide them with a research package so they can know as much about your vision, goals and risks as possible. They are all experienced professionals who can integrate quickly, seamlessly and begin adding value immediately, without hand-holding.