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Why are your rates so low (read: Is there something wrong with your lawyers?)

Our rates are a function of our low overhead. Our lawyers are paid based on market rates for their experience levels, so they aren’t working for less. It’s just that you’re not paying for more. Check out their bios if you haven’t yet - they are top talent.

I want certainty around what my legal bill will be. Can you do that?

Whenever we can. If we’ve done something enough times, we will happily quote a fixed rate. Sometimes we charge a per-item cost, like $/page. Think of a home builder. We will give you a firm price for your deck or fence but need to go time and materials when we start taking down walls.

Why is there a difference between the hourly rate for ‘once in a while’ jobs and the longer term monthly retainer?

On the longer term mandates, we get to know you better and therefore can pick up the file and work on it easily and efficiently. The preferred rate rewards that efficiency and committed relationship.

Will you ever look at creative billing arrangements? Options? Shares?

We’re entrepreneurs too. Try us on.

Every law firm everywhere calls themselves innovative. Are you really?

We walk the talk. We have an innovative structure (no partnership model), an innovative team (tech people and lots of non-legal professionals). We employ all sorts of cool technology and are building version 2 and 3 of the model that will blow your socks off.

How are you the same or different from a private practice lawyer?

In a few ways: We have a much lower client count per lawyer. Our bias is to give business advice rather than a hedged legal opinion. And of course our cost structure is way different.

If I engage your lawyer on a part-time basis, how do I track their time and what they’re working on?

We send you a weekly update by email that shows the balance of time available, what the last few matters the lawyer has handled for you. And a link with an option to top up your time.

Law needs to innovate more. How can I help?

I’m so glad you asked! :) Seriously though, vote for innovation with your wallets. Support anyone trying to make law better, and I think you’ll be surprised what we will do.

How does it work dealing with a lawyer virtually?

It's easier than you think. Most conversations or interactions are handled over the phone or by video link. Routine matters can be addressed by email. If the matter's sensitive, we have an encrypted portal we can use. Documents are digitized and conversations with the counterparties are handled the same way.

If your lawyers are all virtual, how do you manage them all (i.e. confidentiality, conflicts, culture, deadlines)?

Our tech stack gives us full transparency to see what they are working on. Conflicts are in fact easier to manage as we can set up digital walls so some data can’t be viewed by another lawyer inappropriately. There's no desk full of paper for someone to walk by!

How would we communicate sensitive information to a virtual lawyer?

Our practice management software features a client portal that allows us to exchange information with bank-level encryption.

Do you ever consider hybrid working relationships? Could a Simplex lawyer spend some time in-house and the rest virtually?

If your lawyer is located in the same area, we do this quite often. Some companies will want their lawyer to spend the first week in the office to get to know the team and then work virtually.

How do your lawyers adapt to my business culture if they are going to be on-site?

Our lawyers are chameleons to a point. Part of the attraction of the Simplex model is that it affords them the opportunity to learn and experience a variety of industries and cultures. They are adept at studying the lay of the land (helped with a lot of pre-mandate prep work) and adapting well.

Your proposed lawyer has a lot more experience than some of my team members, how will they deal with doing more ‘junior’ work than a more junior lawyer?

The golden rule for us is to leave our egos at the door and do everything to make the team shine. Our lawyers get a variety of mandates, from the routine to the specialized. They’re OK with that. The flexibility they have working at Simplex makes them smile through any task.

Do I get a choice in an on-site lawyer?

For extended mandates, we try to offer a couple of options for your consideration. Obviously geography plays a part in this.

What if there's not a fit?

Then we make a change and follow up to ensure you’re happy.

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