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Legal departments today are under intense pressure to do more with less. Here are a few examples of how we have helped our clients to accomplish this:


De-bundle Legal Services

Financial institution

Their issues:

  • Our client did high-end transactions and was not the cheapest on the market. Therefore, service was key to them.
  • Transactional legal fees were passed through to customers.
  • Customers were often dissatisfied with legal costs.
  • A switch to a low-cost legal services provider was problematic. They needed a “vetting stamp” from a large firm due to the transaction value.

How Simplex Legal helped:

  • Offered to perform a sampling of ‘problem’ legal invoices.
  • Identified the main tasks in the process and who would be the most cost effective to do them.
  • Restructured the process so that external firm supervised the overall transaction while subcontracting discrete tasks to low cost providers.

What Simplex Legal achieved for this client:

  • Leveraged total legal spent paid by clients.
  • Made a deal with 2 firms who are now focussed on high value-added tasks and overall supervision.
  • Project legal costs down by 15% – in this case, paid by customers.
  • Solved a customer service issue, but also created the opportunity to shine and show value.


Battle the Administration Dragon

Alberta Oil and Gas Company

Their issues:

  • In-house legal team efficiency was compromised due to an acute administrative burden.

How Simplex Legal helped:

  • Performed a work study to identify all administrative tasks done in the department.
  • Took each one and scored it based on its need to be completed by a lawyer and relative importance to business.
  • Pushed tasks that scored low on both fronts to other departments and/or non-legal administration.
  • Re-focused team on high-scoring tasks.

What Simplex Legal achieved for this client:

  • Work flow aligned with skills and priorities.
  • Increase in efficiency.
  • Increase in morale.


The Value of a Defined Workflow

Large Natural Resource Company

Their issues:

  • Multi-jurisdictions. Procurement, purchasers in many different locations.
  • The client’s policy was to have Legal review every contract before signing.
  • Legal became a bottleneck in the workflow.
  • It was most acute in the Procurement function.
  • Staff in the field were dissatisfied with in-house legal processing time.

How Simplex Legal helped:

Define boundaries:

  • Established guidelines on what Legal must review but more importantly what Legal won’t review.
  • Prioritized what is most pressing and what matters most to the company.

Create new process:

  • Designed an intake form in the language of the people who would complete it to gather basic information in a consistent way. This then fed into a tracking system.
  • Files were now visible to all members of the team, priorities were flagged, cycle time was monitored and high-risk files got priority processing.
  • Align resources using Simplex to equalize workflow.

What Simplex Legal achieved for this client:

  • Increased processing efficiency that further enabled demand prediction and staffing needs (workflow management).
  • Ability to offer a service commitment to the field and ensure rapid response time for top priority files.
  • This acted as a retention tool – the internal team got the most strategic files.
  • Side benefit: Legal department management now had data showing total number of contracts and their value which demonstrated department activity.