Strategies for Approaching Your Landlord During COVID

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Like you, we're business owners first who just happen to be in the business of law.

As a national law firm, we understand the difficulties COVID-19 has presented to businesses across Canada.

Since we have access to resources many mid-sized businesses don't, we took it upon ourselves to create a piece of content that FREELY answers questions we are asked daily.

Strategies for Approaching Your Landlord During COVID

Our video will answer our most common FAQs on the topic:

  • Rent Relief vs Rent Restructure vs Surrender vs Termination vs Sublease.
  • What are the different approaches landlords have taken to deal with tenants through COVID-19?
  • Why are there different approaches from different landlords?
  • Be careful making decisions based on media headlines (all space is free).
  • How to best approach your landlord to discuss rent relief and rent structure.
  • Rent abatement vs rent deferral.
  • Points to consider when doing a sublease
  • What deals are being made in the market?

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