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At Simplex Legal, our lawyers interact with clients differently. We have a team of seasoned, intelligent and caring legal and business experts. They are passionate about helping businesses surpass themselves and overcome legal challenges in the most cost-effective way. Thanks to our business model, we have reduced client fees.

As co-founders, we started with a simple plan: To build a better law practice—professional without pretension, offering value without compromising skill, and proposing simplicity without sacrificing quality. Our founding lawyer guides our team of lawyers to perform at their best-in-class levels. Our founding business guy brings the voice of our clients to the table every day.

Why we started Simplex

In our previous lives, we saw all that was wrong in the legal industry. We shared the frustration of clients, tired of reviewing runaway legal bills from disinterested legal counsel without accountability for performance.

We also saw great lawyers fuming silently at the indentured nature of their work and the realization the only path to promotion was the promise of more and more billable hours.

So we decided to do something different.

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Martine Boucher | Managing Partner and Co-founder

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Geoff Best | Advisor and Co-Founder

Meet the rest of our team

We are here to offer a valid alternative, designed to reinvent and disrupt itself to continue its service evolution.

What we value

We value outcomes

Both in our own innovative path but also in how our lawyers approach legal issues. Results matter. A client of the legal industry has heard for too long great stories and felt little change. It's time for us in the industry to sort it out and give people a real alternative.

Freedom for our company to experiment…

Freedom for our lawyers to practice law on their own terms, freedom for the company to experiment, fail and improve and freedom of our clients to design and choose how they receive legal services.

We value heart

Caring for our clients and each other. Using our structure to be better partners as lawyers and as family members.

Our History


Simplex founders travel to a Thai island and, in a pole house over the Andaman Sea, dream up the concept for Simplex.


The concept is launched upon their return and operations begin. As Martine was called in QC, we commenced there. Many air miles earned between Calgary and Montreal. Our first lawyer (Erika!) joins. Martine completes her Common Law Equivalency and she is called in Alberta.


We commence operations in Alberta and add two more lawyers.


Team increases and client base triples.


We double, in clients and lawyers.


Martine called in Ontario and we began operations there. We now have lawyers in most provinces. We launch our flexible engagement model - ‘subscription’ service for legal support.


We open in Vancouver. Martine also begins chairing the Futures Committee for the Canadian Bar Association. She will serve until present day.


Simplex opens in Ottawa with Gerard Power and we engage Louis Dubé as Regional Leader of Quebec. We also bring on Gerard Beaulieu, as VP Legal Operations. The technological revolution begins in earnest!


We begin offering digital Corporate Services and develop external A.I.-enabled projects for clients. Plain language translations also become part of the line-up. We also start getting great value from IFLP (Institute for the Future of Law Practice) students.


We open in Kelowna and Halifax. Grow our lawyer team by 30%. Make a deal with MNP to provide corporate services to their clients nationally. Open our small but funky collaboration space in Calgary.

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