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I am in a legal team

You have an existing legal team needing support. Our lawyers provide the support onsite or virtually.

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I am in business

You don't have a legal team yet. You have recurring legal work and are looking for a cost-effective solution.

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While some of our processes may be automated, our lawyers are not. Every person on our team understands how much is at stake in your business. It’s why we care so deeply about helping our clients get on top of their legal problems. And let’s face it: in the real world, it matters how your company measures and mitigates risk. So the better we know you, and what your business is about, the better the advice we will give.

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The legal industry is steeped in tradition. That’s fine, as long as tradition doesn’t value the lawyer’s time more than yours. So we’ve designed automated systems and A.I. tools to perform more tasks, faster and at lesser cost. That way, we can also free up time so our best legal minds can focus on giving high-value legal advice to power your business forward.

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We’re proud to be ashamed of our office! No original art, no catered lunches, no marble floors. BUT, by keeping things simple and stripping away all the obnoxiousness, we’ve dropped our overhead costs by about 80%. Then we pass those savings directly on to you in a fee structure that reflects real value.

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It’s simple.
We want your business to shine.

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How we do it

We are proud
to be represented by our team of highly
qualified lawyers located across Canada.

Whether you already have a legal team or you don’t
We provide the legal support you need

In your Office

Our lawyers integrate seamlessly into any office
environment. They leave their egos at the door and
dedicate themselves to making you shine.


Our remote team has been mastering
the art of remote practice since long
before the rest of the world had to.

What we help you with

Select where you need support

Contract review
and Sporadic Support

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Development and Management
of Legal and Legal Tech Projects

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Medium to Long term
in-House Counsel

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To what end?

A win for everyone – you get a great deal, our lawyers get to practice on their terms and we get to grow and bring real change to law.

Our People

Simplex’s Lawyers have received the best training that the industry has to offer. Most of our lawyers have been practising for over ten years. They’ve all honed their skills working in-house for some of Canada’s greatest companies. As soon as they join your team, they can hit the ground running.

Meet our team